Goat Yoga

Come and enjoy the perfect mix of animals, movement and meditation in beautiful scenery.

Goat Yoga Elham Kent

We are not a venue that offers baby goat yoga every year because our goats are not farmed, we have provided a loving sanctuary where they live out their full life. Six of our goats are unwanted dairy babies hence they are the larger breeds. We deeply love our boys and one lady Sprite just like you would your dog.

Our approach is goats first. They are not here to perform. During our session, they will go between chilling on your mat to nibbling bushes. If you like goats all over you, you are welcome to bring some little bits of chopped-up veg. You will then be descended upon by goats! Others may simply enjoy the goats being near saying hi now and then and continuing to enjoy their qiyoga practice.


Saturday 27th July 10.30am

Wed 31st July 6.30pm

Saturday 3rd August (booked up)

Wed 7th August 6.30pm

Saturday 10th August 10.30am


All you need to bring is a drink for yourself.

Take our goats for a walk →