Wellbeing therapies

It’s time to take care of yourself. Stop for a minute, breathe, what is it you need? I offer nature and wellbeing therapies to create peace and balance in your life, conducted in beautiful surroundings.

Wellbeing therapies available:
Chakradance  |  Core Transformation Bi Aura  |  Qi Gong

Wellbeing events:
Qigong online and in the Cabin  |  Qigong yoga with goats


Movement therapy using spontaneous dance, to specific chakra resonant music. Movement practice for the soul.

Wellbeing therapies – Chakradance at Wild Woodland Retreat, Elham, Canterbury, Kent

CHAKRADANCE is a journey inwards to connect with your true authentic self, paying attention to your body and what lies within.

Often, we are so much in our heads that we lose touch with the wisdom of our bodies and any messages they are trying to communicate to us. In CHAKRADANCE we experience time out from everyday life to really focus inwards and honour ourselves.

Whilst dancing my first cycle of Chakradance I had the most beautiful, PROFOUND, healing experience. My aborted daughter came to me in my mind’s eye. Entering the dance I didn’t have any specific intention for healing so this was a complete surprise to me at the time. It was a beautiful surprise. She told me how happy she was and she’d been greatly loved by those who took care of her in the spirit world. She seemed immensely spiritually developed than me, almost like she was the adult and I the child. At that moment I felt a real connection with the divine. From that moment I am at complete peace now, guilt, shame, self-torment, and anger with self, anger with my ex-partner just melted.

I am now left with the memories but not the torment. I believe this is not only freeing for me but for the child, ex-partner, relationship with current partner, and our children. I am simply at peace in many areas of my life now since this experience. As described by the ripple effect, one healing can have the consequence of many other healings. The cascade of grace melts away what’s no longer of use

When you come to a Chakradance workshop I invite you into the space for your own healing. You bring with you your intention for healing and I suggest an openness to how this can unfold. As your Chakradance facilitator, I am not your healer but someone who has been through the healing.

I am so excited you have found my page and look forward to joining you on your Chakradance journey. We too deserve this peace.

Hannah x

Chakradance Workshops

There’s no right or wrong way to CHAKRADANCE. It’s a journey of self-discovery. Each chakra is explored through specific music, guided imagery and your own free improvised dance, done with your eyes softly closed. This begins to activate inner experiences. It’s almost like entering into a waking dream. You may see images in your mind’s eye while you are dancing or gain insights. You may also experience feelings, emotions or physical sensations. I personally explain this as a moving prayer in each energy centre (chakra). We then draw our experience in a mandala (magic circle). I provide black paper and coloured pastels so we can pour our energy from the dance onto paper. One does not need to be an artist so don’t worry about that. Your expression may be a shade of one colour or mixed colours, patterns or it may be more specific. However, it comes out is how it needs to be.

I use Chakradance a lot myself and I can enter a dance bringing all kinds of different energy. Apart from my profound experience mentioned above,  sometimes I’ll be stuck with a decision, sometimes I’ll be annoyed about something and other times I’ll just want peace. Moving with the energy that we are either confronted with or stuck in can be massively healing. I’ve had beautiful insights, and big shifts in perception giving me the ability to accept, take action or move on from whatever it was.

Now, you may be thinking “I can’t dance” or “it’ll be embarrassing”. Seriously, I did wonder what it would be like to experience dancing this with others, being self-conscious myself. My movements began small, mainly as micromovements and now I just go with it. Actually, most people will have a slight hesitation about this and it’s ok. I make sure everyone is as comfortable as they can be. As we dance with our eyes softly closed or gaze lowered, there is an option to wear eye masks, if this makes you feel more comfortable.

Online courses to be release this 2024
Private sessions and groups in my candle lit cabin: £40-£80

I can tailor workshops to clients’ needs. I run private workshops for private groups or individuals.
Contact us for more information

Core Transformation

As a Core Transformation Coach, I welcome you to step into a therapeutic space where healing can take place.

The understanding of Core Transformation is that behind every negative thought, feeling or behaviour there is a positive intention. Often people talk as if a “part” of them is running a behaviour. “A part of me gets angry with him”, “a part of me wants that cake”. Sometimes it’s as if we are dealing with mixed feelings, like opposite magnets. The more we reject those parts of us the more fragmented we become.

During our sessions, instead of trying to push away what you don’t want, I guide you to access your inner resources which we call core states. This is where your limitations become the doorway to states often described as a feeling of being, oneness, and wholeness.

Accessing your core states can transform unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours in powerfully resourceful ways, giving you an expansive view and choice from old patterns. Core transformation is not about will power, discipline or positive thinking, it is an easy natural process that connects us with our core true selves.

The positive changes that you will experience extend to your overall emotional and mental wellbeing. This can reduce the impact that stress has on your body and mind, naturally contributing to a happier life.

Wellbeing therapies – Core Transformation (NLP therapy) in Kent near Canterbury

Core Transformation price in person or Zoom:
1.5 hours is £60

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Bi Aura (Biofield Energy Healing)

Bi Aura is a form of energy healing. Energy healing has been practised for thousands of years in the Far East and India. The premise of energy healing is that everything in the universe is infinitely connected and that this connection is through energy.

This energy is a combination of universal and earth energies. Often referred to as Schuman resonance and Chi or Qi.

The human biofield is made up of this energy and there are points in the biofield known as chakras. These act as receivers and transformers distributing the Chi through the body along pathways known as meridians. A healthy system is one with enough flow to regenerate the system.

During our early life, we start to collect information that determines our programming. Over the years, these experiences and programs we collect will govern the way we use our energy.

There are also other things that may degrade our biofield such as environmental toxins, parasites, surgery, vaccines, and foods.

The way we hold information in our system, whether through our programming or external stressors, affects how the energy moves through our chakras and around our body and biofield. If the energy is incoherent, then it will create an imbalance in the energy matrix.

During sessions, the client remains fully clothed but removes glasses, shoes and jewellery. Clients stand (if able) for part of the session, whilst some techniques are conducted in a seated position on the therapy couch. The practice of BA is very fluid, as the practitioner creates a flow of movement around the client’s biofield.

My job as a Bi Aura Practitioner is to energise, clear and balance the client’s field, in order to facilitate the person’s own healing. Of course, the client has to take steps personally toward their own wellbeing and as practitioners, we will discuss the client’s lifestyle and what may be contributing to imbalances.

What you may experience

A variety of experiences may occur as part of the process of stimulating energy and releasing. Clients report an overall feeling of relaxation and some see colours or gain intuition. Others feel various sensations. Emotions may be heightened. That’s fine as it’s part of your healing process. I personally find Bi Aura a powerful yet nurturing therapy and really enjoy bringing this experience to others.

Wellbeing therapies – Bi Aura (Biofield Energy Healing) in Kent near Canterbury


Sessions are in a structured format of energising, detoxing, and balancing the client’s biofield. There are various techniques and each session is tailored to the client’s specific needs. A minimum of four initial sessions is recommended to work with different levels of energy and support the healing journey between sessions.

After completion of the block of sessions, clients can opt for top-up treatments as and when they feel it’s required.

Single sessions – If you are here for a weekend break, you may opt for a single session or alternatively, if you are staying for a few days, there is the option of a few shorter sessions.

Bi Aura prices:
1 hour is £45

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Yoga Qigong With Goats 

Join a session of Yoga QiGong in the beautiful valley or woodland scenery. Energise yourself with the abundance of Qi through moving meditation bringing peace and calm to mind and body.  I am offering a stand alone session Yoga Qigong and also Yoga Qigong with Goats experience.

Adding goats to the mix brings some fun animal therapy into the experience.  

After practicing yoga for many years I also found qigong which I fell in love with.  I became and yoga and qigong instructor to be able to bring this experience to our camping and glamping guests.

Come and enjoy the perfect mix of animals, movement and meditation in beautiful scenery.  Adding goats to the session creates and element of fun as well as a stronger experience of wellbeing. 

We are not a venue that offers baby goat yoga every year because our goats are not farmed, we have provided a loving sanctuary where they live out their full life.  Six of our goats are the unwanted dairy babies hence they are the larger breeds.  We deeply love our boys and one lady Sprite just like you would your dog. 

Our approach is goats first.  They are not here to perform.  During our session they will go between chilling on your mat to nibbling bushes.  If you like goats all over you, you are welcome to bring some little bits of chopped up veg.  You will then be descended up by goats!  Others may just enjoy the goats being near saying hi now and then and continuing to enjoy their qiyoga practice.    

The whole session is up to 2 hours and includes brushing the goats (optional) back in their field which they love. Yoga Qigong 1hr and goat petting, walking and hang time up to an hour). Please note this is a group session.  A min of 3 people are needed for session to go ahead.

You can however include a private yoga qigong session within your goat walk which I have done for many couples or family members at no extra price.  Price beginning at £60 (session up to hour and half)


Sessions are offered on a variety of days and times, weather permitting. Adults or teens 16 and over. Groups are a max of 10 people. If you’d like to put your name down for any dates, email stay@wildwoodlandretreat.co.uk, and I’ll pop you on the list.


Wednesday 3rd July 6.30pm

Saturday 20th July 10.30am

Wednesday 31st July 6.30pm
Saturday 3rd August 10.30am

View Qigong with Goats event


View Qigong online and in the cabin



Wellbeing events

Qigong and Yoga with Goats

Tao Yin Yoga and Qigong With Goats

Join me Hannah and our fabulous funny goats and sheep for a relaxing and rejuvenating session of Qigong and Yoga in beautiful nature.

For full information read Qigong and Yoga.


Current dates:

Wednesday 3rd July 6.30pm
Saturday 20th July 10.30am
Wednesday 31st July 6.30pm
Saturday 3rd August 10.30am

Contact us to find out more

Moving Meditation & Flow (Qigong) in the Cabin

Online and in person

Moving Meditation and Flow – Qigong

Join me at various times for Qigong and Taoist Yoga 

Whether you are glamping, camping here or simply a local nearby join me in the cabin during winter times and outside during summer and fair weather for the beautiful practice of Qigong and Taoist Yoga.

For me Qigong is an amazing medicinal practice for calming the nervous system.  As well as stretching and gently strengthening Qigong enables us to harvest lifeforce energy and to utilise that energy as we need it.  This makes it an ideal practice for anyone who struggles with fatigue, anxiety, burnout or as a preventative for those who simply care about their health.

During a session we will focus on breathing deeper bringing more oxygen in and calming our sympathetic nervous system. We will use invigorating warmups to self soothing flows using sensory cues to submerse you into the experience.

Offering £10 per hourly session to either my paypal (please use via friends and family button) or bank transfer.

Some day times may vary due to goat walking requests.


In person:

  • As and when requested by guests.
  • Min £25 for a session up to 2 people.
  • Otherwise £10 a session.
  • Max of 4 people in the cabin.
  • Up to 12 outside in nature


Online times

  • Currently, moving over to a new platform to offer a variety of downloads.
  • Please check social media, Facebook or Instagram for any updates and themes of sessions.


To join the group, simply click on this link